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Increased emphasis on communications and design at Mojeek

Posted: 08 October, 2020 ยท Tweet

We are really happy to welcome two new members to our team, who will be focussed on marketing and design. These appointments follow a recent large angel investment and the appointment of a CEO, Colin Hayhurst.

With the largest English language search index after Google, Bing and Yandex and having recently increased the number of servers at our data centre we are now well placed to provide a real alternative to the search monopoly of Big Tech. Significantly we are the only real search engine (that is with it's own crawler and index) that does not track you.

With a full independent technology stack, from bare metal servers to our own search technology, we are able to innovate in ways that metasearch providers are unable to. We have developments in the pipeline coming soon and which we are looking to co-design with a community of users.

So that we can effectively improve our UX/UI we decided we needed a developer with solid design background and talent. We are thus delighted to welcome onboard Tom Mott as as Frontend Developer.

Tom has a degree in Product Design and an interesting range of experience in design projects. He joins us having just completed his MA in UX Design.

Tom said "I have always enjoyed designing and creating things that have positive effects for people. There are many websites that use deceptive UX patterns to trick and mislead people into doing things they don't want to do. Working at Mojeek, where privacy by design is taken seriously, gives me the opportunity to do ethical design work that I can be proud of."

So that we can engage with our users, the community we will be building and ramp up our marketing efforts we also sought to strengthen our marketing team. We are now delighted to confirm the appointment of Josh Long as Mojeek's Head of Marketing.

Josh has held roles in communications and marketing since 2013, and has picked up a great deal of varied experience working in charities, higher education, events, and most recently blockchain technologies. His role before coming to Mojeek involved communicating with and building the community around AKASHA, a next-generation social media network. AKASHA is built upon Ethereum, a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications.

Josh said, "More and more people are switching on to the problems that come from having a few Big Tech companies controlling access to information, goods, and their contacts. The Web, a tool for the betterment of humanity, has been used against us again and again. With massive developments in areas such as AI, it is essential that we sort out surveillance capitalist control of our access to information. With the Mojeek team I will be striving to provide people with a true alternative in search."

Marc Smith, the Mojeek founder, added, "We are really delighted to have Josh and Tom join our team. After many years building our own search technology, we now need to put more effort into raising awareness about Mojeek, as the only true search engine that values the privacy of users. Along with improving the overall experience with better design and search quality, the coming months and years is going to be an exciting time for Mojeek and it's ever increasing user base and loyal supporters."

Welcome to the team Josh and Tom.


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