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Shop on Mojeek, UI updates and more

Posted: 11 October, 2017

Over the last few months we've been working hard to improve User Experience on Mojeek...

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Emotional Web Search (Demo)

Posted: 16 May, 2017

Mojeek has teamed up with EMRAYS Technologies to create the world's first emotional search engine...

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1.5 Billion Pages and Growing - December 2016

Posted: 31 December, 2016

On the 23rd December 2016 Mojeek surpassed 1.5 billion pages indexed and continues to increase at a rate of around 5 million new pages a day...

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New Infobox - December 2016

Posted: 31 December, 2016

When appropriate Mojeek now displays an Infobox on the search result pages. At the time of launch the majority of information contained within the Infobox is sourced from Wikipedia and our own crawl of the web, although we plan to add more details and data, and a wider variety of sources...

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Mojeek interviewed on BBC - April 2015

Posted: 20 April, 2015

Last Thursday (15th April) Mojeek's founder was interviewed on BBC World's Global show and Radio 5 Live. The discussion was based around the EU's decision to file a complaint against Google over alleged anti-competitive behaviour, the difficulties an alternative search engine has to compete against them, and Mojeek in general...

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How to submit your site to Mojeek - March 2015

Posted: 28 March, 2015

Mojeek automatically discovers websites during it's crawl of the web, for this reason there is currently no way to manually submit your site to Mojeek. As other search engines do, Mojeek recommends getting prominent and genuine links to your site, this will help Mojeek and other search engines find and rank your website...

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New Redesigned Website - January 2015

Posted: 03 January, 2015

Mojeek is pleased to announce it's new redesigned website!

At Mojeek, we thought it was time for a bit of a freshen up. Gone are the dark header and footer, which also no longer stick to the top and bottom of the page. In comes a lighter theme and non-sticky header and footer. This puts the emphasis back on the results, and helps them to stand out more...

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