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Meet our new Head of Marketing

Posted: 19 October 2020

Having expanded our team with two new key hires in development/design and marketing as detailed last week we thought a more detailed interview with our new Head of Marketing, Josh Long, would be interesting.

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Increased emphasis on communications and design at Mojeek

Posted: 08 October 2020

We are really happy to welcome two new members to our team, who will be focussed on marketing and design. These appointments follow a recent large angel investment and the appointment of a CEO, Colin Hayhurst.

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Will UK Government Actions Curb Google?

Posted: 10 July 2020

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have been working on a year long market study into online platforms and the digital advertising market in the UK. Last week they published their extensive Final Report and summarised their findings in their article 'New regime needed to take on tech giants'. After delving into the practices of the tech giants, the CMA have lifted the lid on anti-competitive practices and presented some major concerns. Perhaps most alarmingly, though not surprisingly "UK expenditure on digital advertising was around £14bn in 2019" and about "80% of this is earned by just 2 companies: Google and Facebook".

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Mojeek appoints Colin Hayhurst as CEO

Posted: 01 July 2020

We are very excited to announce the appointment of Colin Hayhurst as Mojeek's CEO.

A lot has changed since the early days when Mojeek was just a side project, running from two servers and a laptop in Marc's bedroom. Most notably our recent securing of significant investment has allowed us to grow our team, add over 100 additional servers with more planned in the coming months, and surpass the three billion web page milestone.

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Three Billion Page Milestone and App Availability

Posted: 29 April 2020

We are very excited to announce that just a few days ago on Saturday the 25th of April 2020, we reached another significant milestone. Our growing independent index has now surpassed three billion web pages! This number is hard to comprehend, but it means we are now searching rougly 500 Wikipedia's worth of information, and in an average of less than half a second!

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COVID-19, Mojeek and Remote Working

Posted: 31 March 2020

It has become clear that the outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted companies all over the world, leading to a lot of uncertainty and forced many to adjust to a new way of working for the foreseeable future. So we thought we would update you with how Mojeek is operating during these troubled times, whilst also filling you in on what remote software we use and any tips that might help those trying to adapt to a remote work-life.

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New Era New Logo

Posted: 20 December 2019

As we entered the first chapter of our big development plans, we thought it was a good time reflect on our logo and brand. There were parts of our logo we liked, but there were certain things that weren't quite right which in truth had always bugged us.

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100 Server Build and Install

Posted: 02 December 2019

After receiving further investment in August from a new private investor who shares a lot of the same values with Mojeek, we've been able to press ahead and start going all out on our big plans for the future. To say the least we have entered a very exciting time, but before we tell you more we would firstly like thank all those who have supported us on our journey so far.

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