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Black Box Friday

Posted: 25 November 2020

Since the early 1950s, the first Friday after Thanksgiving has been the designated big shopping day for a lot of individuals across the US (and this has spread to a lot of other countries). With a great deal of physical stores across the world not being able to provide normal service this year, it looks like entities like Amazon will be able to cash in from the pandemic's effects even more than they already have.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mojeek: Part 1 of 4

Posted: 23 November 2020

We frequently get questions, through social networks or our support inbox, about Mojeek's purpose and the people who work hard to provide the world with a true alternative in search. To spread the answers to some of these questions further than the walled garden of our email inbox, or the social graphs of Twitter or Reddit, we thought it would be a good idea to publish some of them here...

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Five Reasons to Use Mojeek

Posted: 19 November 2020

Mojeek is the only privacy-oriented web search engine in the world. This might surprise many of you. You might be saying “What about DuckDuckGo or Startpage?” Well, technically speaking these aren’t search engines at all, they are metasearch engines as they get their organic results from another mainstream engine (most of them from Bing and a small number from Google). English-speaking search engines with their own index such as Google, Bing, and Yandex are renowned for tracking you as you use their search engine, and often past that point wherever they can.

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Good bot, bad bot. How search indexing works.

Posted: 11 November 2020

In 1993, Charlie Stross was feeling bored and fractious in his job at SCO UNIX. He decided to learn Perl and work on a Web spider since his company was developing HTML. Back then the resources that existed to help people learn to build these things were very much in their early stages, but Charlie muddled through. After coding up something that looked like it would work, he began testing it, initially putting it to work crawling one of the websites that he'd used in order to learn how to build his spider. Unfortunately, the website in question was owned by a company that did not have the kind of infrastructure to handle the incoming traffic from this newly-built tool. Charlie overloaded them with traffic, much in the way that a Direct Denial of Service attack would today.

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Popping Your Filter Bubble with Search

Posted: 03 November 2020

Search engines are the ultimate gateways to information on the Web. Whenever a voice in the room makes an outrageous claim, more often than not that someone will reach for their mobile in order to disprove them, and this journey will pretty much always start with search. When an unusual ingredient is required, a search engine will provide information on where it can be purchased, or what can be substituted for it. Most importantly, when it comes to the political life of the individual, the way in which we assess political candidates is heavily influenced by the information that we have access to through our chosen engine or social media network.

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Who Funds Mojeek?

Posted: 29 October 2020

Have you ever heard of Softbank? What about the Vision Fund? OK, who funds Uber? And what about WeWork and TikTok? All of these companies have received investment from this $100bn fund managed by Softbank, a Japanese multinational. The money coming out of Tokyo here has a great deal of influence on how these global corporates act, what they put out there for their *users*, what kinds of prices they charge, and what they do with consumer data. This kind of thinking adds another lens to the way the conscious consumer thinks about the purchases that they make.

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Meet our new Head of Marketing

Posted: 19 October 2020

Having expanded our team with two new key hires in development/design and marketing as detailed last week we thought a more detailed interview with our new Head of Marketing, Josh Long, would be interesting.

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Increased emphasis on communications and design at Mojeek

Posted: 08 October 2020

We are really happy to welcome two new members to our team, who will be focussed on marketing and design. These appointments follow a recent large angel investment and the appointment of a CEO, Colin Hayhurst.

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