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26 June 2024

7 min

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We are often asked how people can help us out in our mission to provide the world with a true alternative in search. Here are ways you can get involved and spread the word about Mojeek.

In Brief

Scroll down to learn more about each point. Click the links to help out immediately.

Spread the Word

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No billboard, TV, social media, or newspaper advertisement can beat the power of word-of-mouth when it comes to introducing people to something. If you feel like spreading the message about Mojeek then please do, we won’t stop you, whether that’s on social media, through other digital methods, or in person.

Share the Why Mojeek? Page

Why is Mojeek Different? summarises what differentiates Mojeek from other alternatives. This is a useful read for anyone weighing up their search options.

Share our newsletter

Our No-Tracking Newsletter keeps people in the loop about Mojeek, delivering blog posts and tips, as well as inviting users to test new pieces of functionality before they go further. Being able to reach people this way in a busy digital environment is invaluable, so why not forward an email from us, or share the Newsletter link?

Tell your browser about Mojeek and that they should add it

If Mojeek is not in the preselected list of search engines for your browser then that means its users have to go through extra steps to use us. In some cases there will be no instructions, or even no method, for adding search engines which are not in that list. Browser developers are more likely to listen to users than us; so you sending them an email requesting our inclusion is a very simple way of possibly getting Mojeek in front of more people.

Tell a podcaster about Mojeek and suggest they interview Colin or Josh

Both Colin and Josh have appeared on shows since they’ve joined the team, and they are very passionate about search, privacy, censorship, the web, and a multitude of other topics. If you’ve been listening to a podcast for a while then you likely have an idea of where our expertise might fit in - please feel free to pitch on our behalf.

Tell a developer about our API

The Mojeek Web Search API allows developers to retrieve search results from Mojeek's full index of billions of web pages with a simple API call. On top of this it’s one of the ways in which Mojeek makes the revenue which allows us to keep bringing you private and alternative search results. If you know any developers then let them know about our flexible, customisable, and easy-to-use API. You can also send our Reasons to Use the Mojeek Search API piece.

Every one person you let know about us is someone that it would’ve been considerably more difficult to reach ourselves.

Help Improve Mojeek

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Changes like our Major Update from February of this year are made based upon feedback sent in by our users, feature additions like Cookieless came off the back of users directly requesting this functionality. We’re always looking to fold in as many of the great ideas which come from our userbase as possible.

Give direct feedback on results

When you next run into a search that is not quite there, let us know! These searches are logged and we use them to both fix bugs and to do wider improvements. You can send these in through social media, the Community, emailing aloe [at] mojeek [dot] com, using the Submit Feedback button on Results Pages, or using our Contact Form. It’s useful to know specifics about why the search is not good for you, what you were looking for, and, if possible, what good would look like.

Join our forum and share your thoughts

Our online Community is a great place to discuss Mojeek, but it’s also useful for us when it comes to longer-form conversations about how we can improve. It is also the place we go to first to get people to test things; so if you want to see and comment upon upcoming changes, this is the place to be.

Tell us what one big enhancement you would most like to see in Mojeek

These are changes which won’t be delivered straight away, but we keep a record of things that people have asked for, referring back to it when we’re looking to find something that could make Mojeek better for our users.

Tell us what small tweak you would most like to see in Mojeek

Conversely, these might just be things we can fit into the not-so-distant future. If there are small things that could improve your experience – a website you’re just not finding or a slightly-outdated support guide, let us know.

Submit a Focus

Our Open Source Focus Repo means that if you’ve created a set of websites or exclusions that could be useful to other Mojeek users, you can submit them to be added to the Template Library. The Share Your Focus blog gives you more information on how this process works.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable tools in making Mojeek better for everyone.

Educate Others

A number of different-coloured books

As we follow a lot of what people are saying about search online (well, as much as we can), we’ve seen a lot of search fictions over the years. It’s only through learning what is actually happening, to the best of your ability, that you can shatter these myths and help others to have the same level of understanding that you do.

Share this independent article about search

There aren’t as many good independent articles out there about search as you might expect. Seirdy’s regularly-updated look at search engines with their own indexes is a piece which ticks both boxes. If you want others to understand the value of independent indexes, and where you can find them, this is a brilliant link to pass on to them.

Share The Search Engine Map

The Search Engine Map is a great visual way of showing people search engines and the metasearch engines which depend upon them. If you need to pass on knowledge about dependencies to someone who prefers to not have the read long pieces of text, this is just what the Map is for.

Share useful Mojeek blog pieces

It’s very possible that you’ve got another piece in mind that has been useful to you, but articles like:

all comment on wider web issues and search trends, and they contain great ideas to get people to think more deeply about some of the things which are going on in search and privacy.

Remember that knowledge is power. Helping others to understand search like you do is a net benefit to all.

Hopefully from reading this piece you feel a bit better equipped to get involved. Our inbox and Community are always open if you have suggestions for other ways in which you could help Mojeek.


26 June 2024

7 min

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