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28 February 2024

3 min

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In an age where many are complaining about the things that search engines do or do not show, in a world where everyone has their own set of interests, shouldn't search reflect this? This question is one of the reasons why Mojeek Focus exists, a tool which gives you back control, allowing search to further embody the variety of views and experiences of its users.

Building off this, if someone has found an interesting and useful list of sites to search across in order to help them find recipes, explore a niche, or learn something new, wouldn’t it be a great idea to share it?

It will be no surprise to you that, given today’s announcement, our resounding answer is “yes”.

Open Sourcing Focus Templates

Today we are opening up the Focus Template repository, a place you can go to both submit and amend the templates that are available to all Focus users. Mojeek Focus gave you the freedom to search the parts of the web you define; this new piece of functionality lets you share your creations with others. As with any good open source repository, there are some criteria to ensure that the templates which are submitted have some kind of utility for other Mojeek users.

We’ve attempted to make the process of submission as simple as possible, allowing for both people who are comfortable creating and adding in their own focus file, and those who aren’t so familiar with Github but have a great idea they think would benefit the community more widely. You can also head to the Mojeek Community and see if a team member or someone in the Discourse is willing to help you out with bringing your creation to bear.

This being said, a good amount of this process is the same as creating a regular Focus. The repo contains complete instructions for doing this; if you’ve not done so before, it’s a good place to start.


Those who come with a template suggestion can select a relevant icon to go with it, and tag their creation with a handle on Github, if they so wish. As this is fundamentally a social process, it is very possible that people will suggest amendments to templates. If they seem to make them better then they will likely be accepted, allowing these different search pathways to be pruned, improved, and redirected over time.

So, if you’re one of those people who has a Dashboard filled with useful routes that you’ve charted through the web, why not come and submit a few, and see if they’re useful to anyone else?

If you have a suggestion for something we can change, remember that we have both the Contact Page and Submit Feedback button - this sits on search engine results pages. Your feedback is both massively valued and useful when it comes to making Mojeek better. Finally, if you want to receive news from us in your email inbox, you can subscribe to our Newsletter.


28 February 2024

3 min

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