New Pathways with Expanded Search Choices


15 June 2023

2 min

A list of different destinations on a wooden sign at a crossroads, mountains and arid land sit in the background

On February 9 2022 we released Search Choices, a piece of functionality which allows the people using Mojeek to search the web on other tools at the click of a button. As we said then:

At Mojeek we believe informational diversity is vital to a healthy society and economy. When most search results are dominated by one company, we are led down pathways determined by engineering and algorithmic decisions made by just a few people. We think people should have more easily-accessible choices. Varied viewpoints are good in search, as they are in debate.

Changes in the search market, as well as inbound requests from users, have caused us to revisit this set of buttons. These included the disappearance of Gigablast, the entrance of Ahref’s Yep which is a crawler-based search engine, and the appearance of AI options such as By combining these with some metasearch engines that didn’t make the original shorter list we have our updated set:

A shot of the new and old Search Choice options from Mojeek's Preferences, comprising Bing, Brave, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Google, Lilo, Metager, Qwant, Startpage, Swisscows, Yandex, Yep, and You

And if you are looking for an informative table, like the last piece, here it is:

SearchType of SearchData Handling
BingEngine: Crawler/Index/RankCollects extensive data
BraveCorrelated Index/Rank [3]No tracking
DuckDuckGoServiceMicrosoft syndication partner
EcosiaServiceMicrosoft syndication partner
GoogleEngine: Crawler/Index/RankCollects extensive data
LiloServiceMicrosoft syndication partner
MetagerServiceMicrosoft syndication partner
MojeekEngine: Crawler/Index/RankNo tracking
QwantServiceMicrosoft syndication partner
StartpageServiceGoogle syndication partner
SwisscowsServiceMicrosoft syndication partner
YandexEngine: Crawler/Index/RankCollects extensive data
YepEngine: Crawler/Index/RankNo tracking
YouServiceCollects extensive data

Search Types marked as "Service" above (sometimes referred to as search proxies) predominantly use the search engines, and ads, of Microsoft or Google, as indicated. Some claim to do some indexing and/or use APIs of other information providers (eg StackOverflow). If you are interested reviews of the business practices, privacy policies and status of search engines and services, you should find these independent articles informative:

  3. including comments on the indexing method used by Brave

These Choice options can be turned off or on in your Mojeek Preferences. with those who would prefer not to have a cookie being able to save the Cookieless URL to preserve their setup.

This is not necessarily the final iteration of Search Choices, in fact we often have people ask for more buttons, and will revisit this list periodically to make sure it offers as much utility as possible to those using Mojeek to search the web.


15 June 2023

2 min

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