What is Mojeek?


07 August 2018

5 min

MojeekBot and a megaphone

Please find below a transcript of our latest video "What is Mojeek" to find out more about us, what we do, and why we exist. You can also watch the video on our about page.

Mojeek is a search engine.

But unlike most, Mojeek is a search engine that puts those who use it first. It is the alternative search engine which values your privacy above all else.

Most search engines follow you all over the internet. These trackers feed on your data, analysing where you go, and what you are doing.

This is where we are different.

We pride ourselves on doing what is 'right', and we believe one of the most important ways of achieving this is to respect your privacy. When you use Mojeek, there is nobody looking over your shoulder. We don't build a profile on you, so we don't have one to sell.

With one of the largest web search indexes in the world that we have independently crawled and built ourselves, we want to provide you with a unique search experience where you are not exploited or manipulated.

And unlike metasearch engines, who use results provided by another search engine and stamp their own brand on them, Mojeek is built from the ground up. We display our very own results, using our own technology and algorithms, and no one else's.

But doing what's right is not just about your privacy, it is at the core of everything we do. From providing unbiased results, to running our servers from the UK's greenest data centre. We are proud of these values, and are confident that with your support, we can build the world's alternative search engine, right here in the UK.

Mojeek. No Tracking. Just Search.


07 August 2018

5 min

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