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Privacy Policy Update

Posted: 26 September, 2019 ยท Tweet

As the first ever search engine dedicated to protecting people's privacy, we take your privacy very seriously. We understand the need to be as transparent as possible with regards to explaining our stance on personal information. As always, we follow a strict no tracking privacy policy by not tracking our users whatsoever, but we thought it was time to update it and clear up a few areas.

Latest changes

After feedback from the community with regards to a paragraph in our 'Tracking and Logging Policy' section, we have decided to remove it to avoid further confusion. As well as updating the 'Third Parties' section, because we no longer show shopping results from Amazon, partially based on feedback from users.

Policy Archive

We have also created an archive page where you can view previous versions of our privacy policy, dating all the way back to the original in 2006. From here you can view the 'additions' and 'removals' to each policy and the reasons behind those changes. This will allow anyone to see all the changes we've made over the years and our explanations for doing so.

As always, if you have any feedback on this change please get in contact.


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