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Emotional Web Search (Demo)

Posted: 16 May, 2017 ยท Tweet

Mojeek has teamed up with EMRAYS Technologies to create the world's first emotional search engine.

Mojeek's index of nearly 2 billion web pages is currently being analysed using EMRAYS Technologies deep learning algorithms and scored against 5 emotions - 'love', 'laughter', 'surprise', 'sadness' and 'anger'. The vast majority of indexed pages written in English have already been analysed.

EMRAYS Technologies used a recurrent neural network and ran millions of calculations in order to score the pages appropriately. The predominant emotion can now be seen next to the search results when using our dedicated demo interface. As can be seen below.

emotional search result page

This functionality is incredibly useful for users that wish to try and help filter certain emotions out of their day - sad news, for example.

EMRAYS Technologies have developed an outstanding piece of technology that fits with Mojeek's ethical mission of empowering people to find exactly what they want without results bias or tracking. For the first time, people are able to find what they're looking for without being exposed to emotions that they do not desire.

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